Mai challenges Barrow to expose, prosecute opposition leaders working with criminals

Jan 8, 2021, 12:04 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Mai Ahmed Fatty, the leader of the opposition Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has challenged President Adama Barrow to expose and prosecute opposition leaders he (Barrow) claimed are working with criminal business people with the desire to sell the country.

“In fact, it would be discouraging, if President Barrow decided not to do anything about this issue after knowing those opposition leaders working with those criminals. It would have been better if the president expose those people or even arrest them.”

Mr. Fatty, one time Interior minister and special adviser to President Adama Barrow was responding to allegations made by the president during an interview with Kerr Fatou.

President Barrow during a meeting recently in Brufut as part of his ongoing nationwide tour alleged that he had documents to prove that some “opposition leaders are working with criminal business people in order to sell the country,” while further claiming that he would prove it when the times come.

“I don’t think it is good for a president to know about people who want to sell the country to criminals and you don’t do anything about that. In fact, if an individual saw a criminal wanting to perform an act of criminology and that person doesn’t do anything about that, then that person is also a criminal.”

The GMC leader further added: “I don’t think the president will just speak about the issue openly without having any evidence to justify his claim. Criminals want to sell the country and you as the president know about it without doing anything.

Mai Fatty maintained that it’s only a criminal that will see other criminals doing a criminal act without doing anything about it.

He said: “If President Barrow definitely has any justification to what he is alleging, then he should send the police to arrest those people attempting to sell the country to criminal business people and take them to court.”

“If I am the president and see some people doing an unlawful act, then I would have done something about it. But right now I am not the president and cannot do anything about the issue. I can only talk now to expose those people but unlike the president who has a power vested on him.”

According to him, if Barrow just mentions this issue without doing anything about it, then he (Barrow) is doing it for political reasons.

“If anybody looks at me and describe me as a criminal who wants to sell The Gambia, then that person will never repeat that to me anymore.”