Defence witness continues testimony in Yankuba’s trial

Jun 24, 2020, 12:55 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Awa Minteh, Yankuba’s sister-in-law, yesterday continued her testimony under cross-examination by the state counsel, A.M. Yusuf, before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the High Court in Banjul in the murder case involving the accused.

She told the court that she was born on the 14th April, 1985, adding that Fatoumata Touray was born in 1991. She noted that Fatoumata Touray has siblings namely, Edward Touray, Aji Nato Touray, Mafuji Touray and Momodou Touray.

She stated that Edward Touray was born in December, 1995, and that Muhammed Touray was born in September, 1998. She said that Aji  Nato Touray was born in April, 2002.

Madam Minteh told the court that she finished her Grade 12 in 2004, stating that she proceeded to the University of The Gambia in 2007 after her high school education. She confirmed that she started working when she was attending UTG.

She posited that she lived in the UK in 2006 and returned to live with the accused. She further stated that Mariama Touray was in Grade 5 and Fatoumata Touray was in Grade 11. She added that Bubacarr Touray finished his high school in the provinces in 1995 and joined the immigration department when he was living with them.

She testified that Adama also lived in the provinces and joined them in 1995, and that he started his school at the beginning of 1995. She adduced that the relationship of the accused with his family and neighbours was cordial. She posited that the relationship of the accused with the guards, drivers and maids was also cordial.

“With the relationship of the accused with the members of the house hold, there was no reason for any member of the family to do anything that would harm him,” she stated.  She revealed that there was also no reason for the other workers to do anything that would harm the accused.

She narrated that her father, his sixteen children and her mother were her immediate family when she was staying in her family compound in Banjul.

She further told the court that it did not take long to move from Cape Point to Kerr Sering, adding that the position of the accused in 1994 was a minister. “While we were at Cape Point, we had guards as we were at Kerr Sering,” she testified.

She said that Lamin Ndure and Pa Colley were their drivers when they were at Cape Polnt, noting that Daddy Musa Sowe and Ensa Mendy were their orderlies while they were at Cape Point. She told the court that they relocated from Cape Point to Kerr Sering in 1995. “We were relocated to Kerr Sering and Kotu earlier than 2001. It must be in 2000,” she stated.

She adduced that she could not remember whether before they were relocated to Kotu, there were guards. She also told the court that she could not remember any set of guards when they were at Kerr Sering. She said there were a lot of guards.

“I cannot remember the last guard commander before we moved to Kotu as well as the first guard commander,” she posited. She added that she knows one Edward Singhateh who was working as a minister at the Defence Ministry.

Madam Minteh stated that she could not remember Edward’s subsequent portfolio. “I only knew him as somebody who was working at the Ministry of Defence as a minister,” she added.

“Is it correct that when you were staying at Cape Point, Edward was also staying at Cape Point?” State Counsel Yusuf asked her.

“Yes, but I don’t know the time he was living at Cape Point ,” she answered.

Hearing continues today.