APRC demands Barrow reveals Gambia-Senegal security agreements

Jan 8, 2021, 1:53 PM | Article By: Yusupha Jobe

The deputy spokesperson for Alliance, Patriotic, Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) has urged the government of President Adama Barrow to come out and clearly inform Gambians on what kind of agreements he has made with Senegal on Gambia’s sovereignty.

This reaction came following a series of assaults on Gambia’s sovereignty by Senegalese securities including a fresh attack by Senegalese forces, leading to the burning in Casamance of a Gambian lorry carrying timber.  

Dodou Jah in, in an interview, informed The Point that recent infringements of Gambian sovereignty and continuous harassment of her citizens entering Senegal by host’s securities would not have happened if there were no legal grounds of agreement which Senegal government is using as a base.

It could be also recalled that one Sulayman Trawally, a native of Garawol Kuta village of the Kantora District of the Upper River Region (URR) was reportedly shot in the hand by Senegalese gendarmerie in March, last year.

Mr. Trawally was later detained by Senegalese gendarmerie in Tamba Counda after the shooting incident. He was arraigned in a court in Tamba Counda but subsequently discharged.

“First of all, we need to ask President Barrow to tell us what kind of agreements he has made with the president of Senegal; and I think this is a question we have been asking for a long time. And it is our belief that there was an agreement between the leaders but what they have agreed on, we do not know.

“And secondly, I believe the Senegalese authorities would not just act on their own without having any legal background or concrete base on what they have been doing to our own people. It has been almost two to three years now that the Senegalese force their aggressions on our citizens at their borders and inside their country,’’ he said.

He pointed out that none of the alleged agreements signed between the government of President Adama Barrow and Senegalese government was passed through the national assembly for ratification, adding that has left the country’s sovereignty hanging. 

“We solely have to blame the government of President Barrow for not letting us know what they have agreed as two nations. Because it is always intimidating; all the time you hear stories of Senegalese forces doing to our own citizens.”

“You cannot harass us in your own country, cross the border, come and do as you please. No matter what, they have no right to burn somebody’s vehicle. What they could do is to arrest the lorry but not to set it on fire. So I think the owner has to be compensated for that.

“I can tell you, Gambians are very irritated with what is going on. You ask many of them, especially those constantly travelling in Senegal, will tell the hardship they face on their way.”

“It’s as if they are always angry anytime you tell them you are from the Gambia or show your identification. So no matter what, this senseless act has to stop immediately or let it take whatever to own our sovereignty,’’ he warned.

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