Macky decorates ICC Prosecutor Bensouda with “Commander in the Order of the Lion” Award

May 24, 2021, 1:01 PM

Fatou Bensouda, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), was recently received by President Macky Sall of Senegal who elevated her to the dignity of Commander in the National Order of the Lion.

This distinction is a recognition of the work done for victims.
At the end of her mandate, Fatou Bensouda presented the Head of State with her assessment of her work at the head of the international judicial institution.

Source: State House Senegal.

Meanwhile, Momodou Alieu Njai, a political activist in reaction to Bensouda’s honour, wrote on his Facebook timeline: “It’s great to see Gambians celebrated abroad while those you live with castigate you not knowing what your worth. Too many times I see this, and there are many Gambians that fall right into this place. Some are not even celebrated until they leave this earth, and then you see hypocrisy to the highest order. If we cannot celebrate our Intellectuals, and people of high moral standing in society that have contributed so much beyond our shores, the problem is not them; but us. Wake up Gambia, are we cursed or what. Bad news is all we know, and when our problems are not solved for selfish interests, then we castigate them. I don’t need to look too far to find honorable people that get vilified every single day but yet they keep on moving strong. May we one fine day realize that we are our own derailment towards progress, and change for the better.”

“May truth be told when we only seek the truth without any prejudice! This one is for all the hardworking Gambians that still continue to shine even when they are thrown in the darkest pits. Congratulations Hon Fatou Bensouda, and looking forward to your next chapter for you are just getting started.Thanks to President Macky Sall and the people of Senegal!”

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