Lack of job opportunities annoy CRR youth

Jan 13, 2021, 10:30 AM | Article By: Ousman Jallow in CRR  

Youth in Central River Region (CRR) north have expressed disappointment with government for the lack of job opportunities within the region.

They said most of them have completed senior secondary school for a number of years but are still jobless.

They blamed government for not decentralising job opportunities. According to them, they have to travel to Banjul or Kombos in search of greener pasture as citizens of the country.

They therefore called on government not to only concentrate Gambia’s development within the Greater Banjul Area but instead ensure there are jobs opportunities within all regions of the country.

They stated that they went to school to be employed at the end of their studies, but say they do not have any job opportunity within the region.

They further said that they feel neglected and not valued by government. They called on government to consider them because they are citizens like other Gambians.

“It is high time government sit down and look at our plights, otherwise the region will remain poor forever,” they opined.

The region’s youth said government could have used the millions it is spending on its tours to develop the region.

They said government does not also care about their education, health, economic growth, agriculture, businesses and infrastructural development but only to get votes from them during presidential elections.

They threatened not to vote for the current government in the forthcoming presidential elections, saying there is nothing he can say or do to convince them to vote for him.

He said they will vote for a president who values and cares about the region’s needs.

They said the only resort for youth of the region is to embark on the ‘backway’ to Europe.

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