Opinions: divide drivers on frequent road accidents 

Jan 28, 2022, 12:31 PM | Article By: Adama Tine 

Drivers in the Kanifing Municipality have lamented the frequent accidents on the roads around the KM and the country at large. According to them, accidents are very rampant, underlining different factors responsible.


Sulayman Badjie, a taxi driver, expressed his concern over the common road accident, saying driving licence should be given to only qualified drivers.

He added that reckless driving always leads to road accidents whereby drivers are always held responsible each time there is one.

He said some of these drivers are not qualified because they don’t know the traffic signs, rules and regulations.

He added that some of the drivers sometimes drink and drive and in that state of mind they lose control leading to accidents.

Reckless drivers, he said, are the ones that always cause road accidents and not the road itself. “No matter how narrow, wide, tarred the road is “if you drive carefully, you won’t cause an accident.”

Tijan Cham, a tricycle rider also affirmed that reckless driving is the cause of most of the accidents on the roads and most of the tricycle riders on the road are always drunk while driving. He suggested that they need to be examined by the traffic police.

He said drivers are not giving chances to each other when there is a traffic jam. “Everyone of them wants to move at the same time. “Even some of the drivers use the footpath when driving and deprive people from walking on the road.”

“Both commercial and private drivers park anyhow on the highway to drop passengers and that’s wrong because it can cause accidents”.

He added that the traffic police are doing a good job to avoid road accidents but the drivers also should try as much as possible to obey the signs, rules and regulations of traffic and remain focused when driving.

David Correa, a taxi driver, said road accidents are mainly caused by reckless driving. However, he added that there are no good roads in the country.

He urged other drivers like him to stop speeding, while calling on traffic police not to relent in their job on the roads.