GPF generates over D100M in first half of 2024

Jun 19, 2024, 11:34 AM | Article By: Jankey Ceesay 

Inspector General of Police Force (IGP), Seedy Mukhtar Touray, in his first press conference on Friday, disclosed that the Police have generated revenue of D111,000,000 in the first half of 2024.

He highlighted that a vision without a strategy is as good as dead.

“To ensure the vitality of our vision to make Gambia a safe haven for law-abiding citizens, residents, and visitors alike, the fine men and women of this noble institution have deployed strategies” such as intelligence-led policing, robust day and night patrols to prevent commission of crimes; continuous training of personnel to maintain their effectiveness; strategic deployment of PIU and ACU personnel across the country to provide armed support to the General Duty police officers and sister services among others.

He added that providing guards for VIPs and vital installations, regular sensitisation on crime prevention and road safety and establishment of the highway patrol unit are all parties of their vital duties.

He vowed to address land disputes, hate speech, insults to leaders and elders, drug abuse, and indiscipline in The Gambia.

Emphasising the importance of cultural discipline and respect, he urged Gambians to instill these values in their children, stating, that "insulting our elders and leaders must end in this country, and we will do it without any selective justice."

Touray also warned traditional rulers against issuing multiple land documents and promised tougher measures against drug trafficking, while appealing for public support to restore trust and confidence in the police.

“The rhetoric in our public discourse is bellicose and unpleasant because of the name-calling, hate speech and outright personal insults directed at people we disagreed with,” he stressed.

 He added: “As Gambians, this is alien to us and we need to correct this disturbing departure from our refined manners. Democracy does not mean people are free to do as they please.”

“Democratic freedoms come with personal responsibility. Let us be responsible members of society.”

He stated that drug trafficking and drug abuse are threats to national security because of the havoc they can cause to our youth and the economy.

He appeal to all Gambians to continue supporting The Gambia Police Force in their quest to make The Gambia safe for all irrespective of race, gender, social status, creed, or political affiliation.