‘Gambians decide and must live with their decision’

Dec 9, 2021, 11:29 AM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Halifa Sallah, leader of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS), who accepted the results of the 2021 presidential election from the IEC, said that Gambians decided and must now live their decision.

“So today you have decided. Now you must live with your decision. You have a nation to build and a destiny to claim. Each of us must sit down and ask ourselves the question; who is the loser? Who is the winner? There are no losers. There are no winners. There is a task to be performed, a challenge to be addressed. A challenge of nation building,” he said.

Hon. Sallah who polled 32, 435 votes during the election on Saturday was speaking at a press conference held at the PDOIS office in Serrekunda, on Monday.

He further said that: “For me, that is the end in terms of representation but that is not the end in terms of love for my country and people. You will hear my voice louder, firmer and more determined to ensure that the forces of ignorance are defeated.”   

According to him, nobody will be able to go to sleep again in The Gambia, adding that even if they want to, they will not sleep again.

“And do not think in any way that I am emotionally broken. In fact, I will be a calmer Halifa Sallah. The fire that was burning in me will quench today. I thought that I could inspire you to refuse to take that rope of slavery and put it back around your neck. But since you have done that, the tears have dried in my eyes.”

He revealed that now he will be calmer to see how he can talk to people to love themselves, noting that they need to teach people to have self-esteem and to love themselves. 

“We have a people to be supported to love themselves. If we do not do that, we are doomed.”

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