Ex- KMC Mayor Colley warns against use of APRC logo

Mar 8, 2022, 1:09 PM | Article By: Ali Jaw

The former mayor for Kanifing Municipality has warned against the use of any flag, colour or symbol belonging to Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) by other candidates, who wants to contest in the forthcoming parliamentary election.

Yankuba Colley was speaking on Saturday after the nomination of two APRC candidates who want to contest under the party ticket in the Kanifing Municipality. "I just want to make one declaration; APRC put up only seven candidates in seven constituencies.”

Colley indicated that they have five candidates in the Fonis in the West Coast Region and two in Bundungka Kunda and Jeshwang constituencies.

"Now we want to tell everyone that APRC is one, and we are asking other independent candidate not to use our flag, colour or party symbol. APRC is one and for this Municipality, we have only two candidates that is Sheriff Sarr and Sulayman Jammeh."

"That is what I want to tell the whole world, because whoever we found putting on our symbol, we will definitely pursue you and we will make sure IEC disqualifies you, because there is no candidates, who use two platforms, each has a platform to use."

On the probability of APRC being able to emerge victorious, the APRC strongman remains upbeat, saying KMC is APRC.

He cited that they have long been very strong within the area. "Remember I was the mayor and it was the APRC for 12 years. I contested two elections and I won each comfortably. There will be no problems again for my candidates to win in this municipality. We know where to pass, we know where to place our support and we also know where our supports are."