ECOWAS to send 5th military contingent to Gambia

Sep 6, 2021, 1:51 PM

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), as part of the framework of respecting and pursuing the military and security agreements of the region is preparing to send a 5th military contingent to Gambian territory.

With 625 men including 12 women, this contingent whose command is entrusted to Lieutenant-Colonel Mamadou Sarr, received the national flag from the hands of Brigadier General Fulgence Ndour, Chief of Staff of the Army, in the presence of Colonel Ousmane Aly Kane, Commander of Military Zone No. 3, and various other military and paramilitary authorities of the nation on Tuesday 31 August 2021.

The contribution of the National Army to this sub-regional mission, according to the Chief of Staff of the Land Army, however, obeys the desire to perpetuate the Senegalese tradition of supporting the search for peace, stability through regional and international organisations. It is also a strategy which consists in seeking stability in a brother and border country whose march towards democratisation and socio-economic development constitutes a major strategic issue. Even so, for Brigadier General Fulgence Ndour, this exhilarating ECOWAS mission in Gambian territory remains a challenge for every officer, non-commissioned officers and ordinary troops.

The Chief of Staff of the Army says it is confident in their ability to tame themselves, to live up to the expectations and legitimate hopes of their country. Because, he says, knowing well the quality of their supervision and the challenges of the environments of their operational preparations. To simply say that the education and training that these brave soldiers have benefited from, have sufficiently equipped them to properly carry out their future missions in The Gambia.

For Brigadier General Ndour, the predecessors of these valiant men have already marked the voices with substantial operational achievements and other irreproachable behaviour, thus forcing the admiration of the Gambian populations and the rest of the brotherly contingents.

In a context where the presence of Covid-19 in the world, in Africa and in the sub-region worries more than one, the General Staff of the Senegalese Armies has thus taken care to vaccinate all the elements of this 5th contingent, who agree to scrupulously watch over this devastating pandemic and make all their arrangements once they arrive in Gambian territory. Source: Sud Koipiadiaen

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