Dr Jah preaches peace ahead of December polls

Sep 7, 2021, 12:31 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

The chairman of the Gambia Hajj Commission has called on Gambians to embrace peace and stability, calling on party supporters to maintain peace and avoid all forms of violence in the country.

This, he added, would enable the country attain her sustainable development goals as election approaches.

Dr Ousman Jah was speaking on Monday during an exclusive with The Point at his office.

 He made it categorically clear that no country on earth can attain sustainable development as expected without peace, saying in a peaceful society both rich and poor enjoy their lives and livelihood to expectation contrary to a chaotic society.

 “When the opposite of peace is created it can affect all. Conflict has no boundary and can affect all and everything but if peace is maintained it would benefit everyone. Peace is very important in any society,” he said.

The Islamic scholar indicated that as election approaches every Gambian’s priority should be the maintenance of peace and order, saying ‘election is one of the most sensitive and dangerous issues in the world that could breach peace.’

 “Evil often uses some people to create chaos and tension during elections,” he added. 

Jah described stability is a result of peace and that to know the importance of peace one has to know the things that can emanate from it.

“When a country has stability and tranquillity, it will attain its goals. If there is no peace there would be no achievement on anything,” he said.

He thus preached for peace to be attained in a society and that all should have good intention of one another as well as appreciate one another.

“If all people do that in a country, it means that a particular nation is building a solid base for themselves and the next generation. Islam even considered peace as a backbone of lives.”

 However, he added that having bad intentions and mistreating people could cause chaos and backwardness in a society.

Shifting to election, he said some politicians tarnish images of their opponent just to gain political points. However, Jah reminded that there is no need for politicians to tarnish one another's image just for the sake of politics.

“Politic is very simple and straightforward. Now all nations must be civilised and have civilised society, civilised politicians and civilised party leaders. They should simply and gently demonstrate their manifestos as to how they plan to develop the country to make people happy without tarnishing peoples’ image or getting into peoples’ privacy,” he said.

Politicians, he added, are role models and anything they say or do, their supporters will appreciate and accept it due to the fact that the supporters have high respect for them.

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