Dozens arrested over attack on immigration post

Apr 12, 2021, 11:32 AM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

Mamanding Dibba, the spokesperson of The Gambia Immigration Department (GID) has confirmed the arrest of dozens of people in connection with an attack on the Gunjur Immigration Post. The arrestees include one person who was identified as taking part in the act

Immigration officers were attacked at their seaside post in Gunjur early Friday morning. At least three officers were injured as the attackers were said to be carrying cutlasses. PRO Dibba told The Point that 18 out of the 39 arrested are being subjected to ‘thorough’ investigation.

Dibba said: “Following the attack on the immigration post in Gunjur in the early hours of Friday, the hunt for the perpetrators of this heinous act intensified. And as the hunt for them intensified, last evening towards the night, 39 people were arrested. Out of this 39, 18 people stand out to be subjects of thorough investigation.

“These people were taken to the security base that was used by the joint taskforce that is currently working in the area as part of Operation Zero Crime and several investigations were done on these 18 people. It happened interestingly that one person was identified during an identification parade, as somebody who was in fact involved in the act in that early morning.

As the same search for them continued, the security forces in the area mounted some raids on particular areas within Gunjur and the surrounding area and during this operation, certain tools or weapons similar to those that were used in the attack in Gunjur were discovered in a particular building.”

“However, no person was arrested at that point. But later, in the early hours of today, officers in the area, joint security forces, conducted a similar early morning raid on the same facility and five people were arrested in that spot were those weapons were discovered.”

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