Coronation of Manding ‘King’ in URR is ‘unconstitutional’ -Minister Drammeh clarifies

Dec 21, 2020, 1:15 PM | Article By: Momodou Jawo on tour

The Minister of Local Government and Lands has described as ‘unconstitutional’ the recent coronation of one Amadou Kora, a native of Tambasangsang village in the Tumana District as manding king, saying the move is against the Local Government Act (LGA).

Musa Drammeh was speaking at a recent meeting in Dampha Kunda, as President Barrow and delegation continued their countrywide tour.

“Such a coronation is against the Local Government Act and the constitution of the country. The LG Act is established by an Act of parliament and it doesn’t recognise such. Therefore, as the minister responsible for the Local Government, it’s important that I clarify such development before people are misled.”

It could be recalled that Amadou Kora was on 28 November anointed in his home village of Tambasangsang by a group called “Manding Bumbaa''. Meanwhile, an anonymous source told our reporter that “Manding is not registered and ‘our constitution has no such provisions for crowning anyone as ‘king’ in any part of the country.

Minister Drammeh maintained that such kind of coronation is not in ‘our constitution and likewise the LG Act.

“The law doesn’t allow Kingship in the country and the LG Act doesn’t allow it either. Therefore, in the eyes of the law, such kind of coronation is baseless and there’s no other law in the country that allows such kind of practice. In fact, the person who’s even crowned as king has just been fooled by his people and he is also fooling himself.”   

As the minister responsible for Local Government and Lands, he added, it is important that he informed inhabitants of the area how the LG Act works.

“The only recognised authority in the district is the chief, but not any other person. It’s not in the constitution that one “Kabilo” will ever remain as rulers in the country. In our constitution, women and youths can form their own association and register them, that is not a problem. However, crowing someone as king is unconstitutional,” he emphasised.

Sutukoba meeting, Wulli East

Meanwhile, at the meeting held at Sutukoba, President Barrow while addressing thousands of his supporters reminded that the people of both Wulli West and Sandud istricts have been neglected by previous government in terms of development initiatives, assuring that his government will give high priority to these two districts in delivering development initiatives to the doorsteps.

Barrow also disclosed that his government has measures to ensure that taxpayers enjoy development projects, adding that after the completion of the Basse bridge, it will connect URR North and South and boost the theeconomic activities of the area.

Inhabitants of the area who spoke at the meeting urged the president to help them with good road connectivity, electricity, bore holesand to provide drinking points for their cattle. This, they believed, would significantly limit the mass migration of their cattle to the Southern Senegalese province of Cassamance due to lack of water among others.

Nawdeh Meeting, Sandu

Elsewhere, at Nawdeh in Sandu district, the people praised Barrow for his development strides, acknowledging the fact that Barrow’s development is not based on discrimination. They, however, urged the president to help them with milling machines, good road from Demba Wandu to Kerewan and also to ensure that Nawdeh clinic has a stationed nurse.

“We also want the President to improve the agricultural activities of the area and to revitalize the veterinary services in the district. This will enable us get involved in livestock management. We want the president to help construct the road from Nawdeh to Darsilameh,” Tida Danso said.

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