UDP re-elects Darboe as party leader, endorsed his bid for 2021 presidency

Dec 21, 2020, 1:23 PM | Article By: Sankulleh Janko

Delegates of United Democratic Party (UDP) on Saturday have unanimously re-elected Lawyer Ousainou Darboe as Secretary General and Party leader, while endorsing his bid for the office of president in the December 2021 elections.

The 1,060 delegates; 20 from each of the 53 constituencies have solidly re-affirmed their trust and confidence in their long term leader Darboe for the next two years, after re-electing him at UDP National Congress held at Paradise Suites Hotel.

Rumours of factions within the party opposing the leader at congress were thrown in the bin after re-electing him unopposed.

In his acceptance speech, Darboe thanked the delegates for trusting him once more and his team.

“I am elated and humbled by your show of trust in me to continue as your party leader, thank you for the confidence,” the re-elected UDP SG said.

“Thank you for the support and thank you for the encouragement. Therefore, I gratefully, gracefully accept your unanimous nomination and election and promise that I will continue to put the United Democratic Party at the heart of everything I do.”

The father was critical of his ‘prodigal son’ President Barrow, and he assured the delegates of a better Gambia under his stewardship.

“As we forge ahead to the road to 2021, you must remember that 2021 elections will be a referendum on how a nation that has proposed great hope in a president who turned around and replaced their trust and confidence with greed, incompetence and avarice.

He continued: “This election is also about fundamental choices within contrasting visions of what our people want and deserve on the one hand, and unrelenting effort on a failed president to regenerate the very system practices and orientation that Gambians rejected in 2016.”

The Gambia, he said, is at ‘a cross-road’ while selling out his party’s agenda to the people.

“The chance before us as a nation at a cross road and our task is to offer a solid, clear and comprehensive roadmap that master the sign able departure from the current lethargy and failure you have been segregated for the last four years.”

Without an iota of doubt the UDP delegates are strongly throwing their support to their leader, but whether the party’s support is enough to send him to the State House will be determined in December 2021.

Here are the members of the National Executive Council:

  1. AgieYamundowYabo -National Party
  2. Ba Jamba Bojang-1st Deputy National President
  3. Rohey Malick Lowe-2nd Deputy National President
  4. Secretary General and Party Leader-Ousainou A.N.M. Darboe
  5. Agie Yam Secka-Deputy Secretary and Party Leader
  6. Senior Administrative Secretary-Alagie S. Darboe
  7. OLEY Dibba Wadda Deputy-Senior Administrative Secretary
  8. TalibBensouda-National Organising Secretary
  9. Ebrima Dibba-Deputy National OrganisingSecretary
  10. Tombong Saidy-Administrative Secretary External Affairs
  11. Jean Paul-Deputy Administrative Secretary External Affairs
  12. Almamy Fanding Taal-Administrative Secretary Legal and Human Rights
  13. Lawyer Borry Touray-Deputy Administrative Secretary Legal and HumanRights
  14. Lamin K.T. Jammeh-Administrative Secretary Finance and Economic Affairs
  15. Fatou Cham-Deputy Administrative Secretary Finance and Economic Affairs
  16. Amadou Sanneh-National Treasurer
  17. Kemo Ceesay-Deputy National Treasurer
  18. Landing B. Sanneh-Auditor General
  19. Alagie Gibba-Deputy Auditor General
  20. Karafa Sonko-Campaign Manager
  21. Babucarr Jammeh-Deputy Campaign Manager
  22. Agie Sukai Nakka-National President Women's Wing
  23. Adama Jallow-1st Deputy National President Women's Wing
  24. Aja Nogoi Njie-2nd Deputy National President Women's Wing
  25. Jongfolo Jabbie-Secretary General Women's Wing
  26. Honourable Sulayman Saho-National Youth President
  27. Karim Touray-1st Deputy National Youth President
  28. Hagi Suwaneh-2nd Deputy National Youth President
  29. Kemo Bojang-Secretary National Youth Wing
  30. Jimbeh Ceesay-National Female Youth President.
  31. Binnet Marong-Deputy National Female President
  32. Awa Tambedou-2nd Deputy National Female President
  33. YaKumba Jaiteh-National Female Secretary
  34. Dr Amadou Scattered Janneh-Senior Administrative Secretary for Media and Communication.
  35. Yankuba Darboe -Deputy Administrative Secretary for Media and Communication
  36. Suku Singhateh-Senior Administrative Secretary Social and Fundraising
  37. Zainab Diab-Deputy Senior Administrative Secretary Social and Fundraising.