Central Bank, staff refute corruption allegations

Feb 21, 2022, 12:07 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

After a letter sent to the Central Bank alleging corruption against one of its staff, the institution launched an investigation and its preliminary findings revealed that the concerned staff has categorically refuted the allegations contained in the letter and has indicated that he is not involved nor has knowledge of the matter.

According to the Central Bank, the letter alleged that badly damaged bank notes amounting to D155 million were handed over to the concerned staff to change into new notes. It is also alleged that the concerned staff requested for the money to be brought to the Central Bank and he asked for the payment of demurrage of D310,000.00.  It was further alleged that the concerned staff subsequently requested for various sums of money amounting to D11,100,000.00 on behalf of certain individuals who would facilitate the arrangement to change the money into new notes.

The Bank said it is finally alleged in the said letter that after all these sums of money were paid to the concerned staff, he failed to issue the new notes as he promised and as such, a demand for the return of the said amount of D155,000,000.00 and D11,100,000.00 was  made.

The investigation further confirmed that March 21, 2021, the indicated date on or around which the transaction is to have taken place fell on a Sunday when the entire Central Bank premises was closed and not accessible to the public.

It continued that some of the individuals named in the said letter are not known to the Bank, nor does the Central Bank have nine dedicated night security guards as indicated.

“It should be noted that an amount of D155 million could not have been brought to the Central Bank without the knowledge of any other individual apart from the staff concerned. Besides, the said staff was not posted at the Currency Department during the period of March 2021,” Central Bank revealed.

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