Blockage on business tycoon Alagie Conteh’s Bloom Bank account lifted

Oct 28, 2021, 1:23 PM

The Bloom Bank account of businessman Alagie Conteh has reportedly been lifted, according to sources.

However, Fatu Network reports that Conteh said he would speak with his lawyer and would prepare to go to court over the blockage of his Bank account.

Mr. Conteh’s account was frozen on suspicion of a financial transaction, according to Fatu Network, the blockage was lifted on Tuesday as Gambians mostly UDP supporters, bashed the government for targeting Mr. Conteh.

Mr. Conteh himself said his account was blocked for ‘political reasons’.

He, however, told King FM: “I have not kept secret the party I am supporting. I think that is my constitutional right. I have done it openly and I am supporting UDP. The president called me at State House. We were in good terms then. He asked me to support him. I told him I could not leave UDP. I told him I would help him if he was in UDP but outside UDP I cannot.

“On that day, he said if I don’t support him, he will tell his government I am his enemy and he will fight me and make sure they bring me down financially. I told him I have heard him but not God. Billahi Wallahi may I lose everything I am looking for in this world the president said this and there are witnesses. And that’s what they are doing.

“They have barred me from getting government contracts and I don’t say anything about it. But this latest one is too much. I am talking to my lawyer today and I think we will prepare to take the matter to court because I am Gambian citizen.”

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