Barrow optimistic about NPP success

Feb 2, 2021, 12:34 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

President Adama Barrow is optimistic that with the necessary programmes, National People’s Party (NPP) will register unprecedented success in future.

The NPP leader expressed his optimism during a speech at the launch of the National People’s Party on Saturday.

“With the necessary programmes that respond to the needs of the Gambian community, there is no doubt that the National People’s Party, and the entire Gambian nation will register unprecedented successes in the years ahead,” said the NPP leader.

Barrow further said that the successes can be attainable, if his newly launched party is given the mandate at 2021 election to translate the proposals in its manifesto into action.

The president admitted that the responsibility to propel growth, development and progress of a nation rests on the leadership, by satisfying the essentials of social life through well-established and functional institutions.

“For NPP, every citizen has a responsibility to make The Gambia a better place for all. As a result, we invite you all to come on board. The people come first on our agenda; therefore, join us to make history. Together, let us build a nation we can proudly call home.”

Barrow believed the growth and progress of a nation has to come about through efficient management and judicious use of the resources that are available.

According to him, he is credible, ready, willing and able to serve this nation according to the Constitution of the land, adding that all what he requests is support from Gambians.

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