Barrow attracts massive crowd as supporters claim victory

Nov 5, 2021, 2:00 PM | Article By: Ali Jaw

President Adama Barrow gathered massive crowd as he drove to towards Buffer Zone at Tallinding, with supporters claiming victory.

As his convoy headed towards the rally ground from Election House where he presented his nomination documents, he urged the Independent Electoral Commission to ensure transparency from the beginning to the end.

"There is a piece of advice that I want to make. The piece of advice is directed to the IEC. If anybody is a member of the IEC, automatically you are the referee and if you are the referee, you must be independent,” he said,

"If you are independent, it makes the job easy for you. If you are independent, it makes the job easy for the players. If you are independent, it makes it very easy for all the parties to accept the final results, the final decision of the Gambian people."

Fai Touray, a Black Market vendor, and supporter of Barrow said: “It is Barrow that I support today and it is him that I would support tomorrow. Why I support him is that he is the only one that seems genuine to me from the rest.”

“If we give him another chance in the upcoming election, he would do great. He had tried all he could, it is just that he trusted some people, appointed them into office and they betrayed him.”

“With another term, he would move the country to an extent no one has ever thought. Also, he is a man of peace. All that he is pleading to the Gambian people is peace and tranquility. He would win 100%. If you lie down, sleep and don’t even think about it.”

“I support Barrow because I realised that Barrow is the only one who can run the country,” another supporter, Pa Manneh, said, “and also, he is a person who has sympathy for the people of the country. The commotions would be too much, but he has already been given the country. He is someone humble, down-to-earth, open and peaceful. Wherever one sees him he is smiling and laughing with the people. In short, he has no problem at all. May he campaign in peace, God bless him with victory in peace and he will continue to steer the affairs of The Gambia in peace.”

He added that the large number of people rallying along the road and occupying everywhere is a simple manifestation of Barrow’s expected victory on December 4th, which he and many like him support. He posited that, according to him, he has not yet seen something as such in the politics of not only Gambia but Africa.

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