On Lamin Darboe’s sacking!

Jun 26, 2020, 11:54 AM

The youth make the biggest demographic bracket, therefore empowering is right thing to do. It is only through empowerment that they will be able to shape their future.

Youth in the country have flooded the social media to condemn the recent sacking of Lamin Darboe as Executive Director of the National Youth Council.

Darboe’s sacking took effect on Wednesday and no reason was advanced for his removal.

His sacking has generated strong reactions on social media, with many youth demanding answers for his dismissal.

Darboe has served in the capacity at the National Youth Council since 2014 and has over the yeas established a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding especially with youths of The Gambia and beyond.

He’s not only a determined, inspirational and committed motivator, but he has fulfilled his role as a youth leader par excellence.

He has created a niche for himself over time, becoming a household name in the country, thanks to his enthusiasm and love for youth development.

As alluded to by many, Darboe in the recent past has epitomised and advanced the cause and voices of Gambian youth in many fora and confabs both nationally and internationally.

His interpersonal, communication, leading, planning and research skills have been exceptional.

Mutual interaction among people is considered to be of the finest values in humanity. And his interaction with young people has helped to nurture in him skills to effectively maintain and manage both internal and external relationship at all levels.

Over the past years, he has contributed enormously in all team activities with great passion serving others.

His exposure in both pan-African and global convergences has shaped and inculcated in him an additional age, something one can base a judgement on; that he embraces diversity, teamwork and socialisation.

While youth empowerment continues to be one of the campaign tools most politicians used during their campaigns trail, Darboe makes sure some of these public pronouncements are not just mere propaganda as a means of boosting their approval ratings. He stands his ground and makes sure Gambian youth are not left behind.

"The only times I got sacked was when I was trying to make plays on my own. It wasn't that the offensive line had let down. they did a great job..."

The man Himself

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