Apr 4, 2022, 11:46 AM

Mr President, this month of April is very important for every Gambian as it coincides with the fasting of both Muslims and Christians.

We should set aside our differences, forgive, forget, and help the needy. We must all pray for peace and unity in the country.

Mr. President, another very important day in April is the National Assembly elections. On 9 April 2022, Gambians will go to the polls to elect 53 parliamentarians of their choice.

The security should be patrolling and stationed at strategic points to make sure that the whole process goes on smoothly. The Foni areas should also be secured during these times and even after the elections.

Mr. President, Gambians should not allow politicians to divide us. We are in a democratic society so we should not abuse it by insulting people or tarnishing the image of people through social media which should be controlled.

Let’s work for the development of the nation rather than upholding self interest.

Mr. President, the business community especially shopkeepers and market vendors should sell their basic commodities at affordable prices. Ramadan is a period of alms giving and helping the needy and less privileged and not a period to make unlawful profits. Muslims should be helping each other during this period.

Mr. President, after parliamentarians are elected that Saturday, the next thing should be the reshuffling of Cabinet by appointing new ministers or reappointing some of them. The ball is in your court to appoint credible and experienced people to meet the challenges of the Gambian people.

We also expect changes in the parastatals and at ambassadorial level.

You have a daunting task that people are expecting; both women and men to boost your team.

Mr. President, many African countries including The Gambia increased their fuel prices due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. The government should make sure there will be no shortages.

Mr. President, both government and the private sector need to support our national broadcaster, GRTS, to enable it to continue to broadcast live both home and away matches played by The Gambia National Football team.  Through its own efforts and with the support of some private sector partners, GRTS was able to provide live coverage of the recent Africa Cup of Nations Tournament in Cameroon; much to the delight of Gambia football fans. 

Unfortunately, GRTS could not cover the recent matches of the AFCON 2023 qualifying rounds which the Scorpions took part.

The right to transmit such matches, especially those played in other countries is very expensive and is usually paid in foreign currency. We assume that is the reason why GRTS could not show the recent matches in Cameroon and Morocco.

We therefore urge Government, State Owned Enterprises, the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) and the Private Sector to come forward to assist GRTS to cover all future matches of our darling Scorpions.

Football continues to contribute to our economy through foreign exchange and fosters unity.

Good day!