GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: Covid-19 still in existence

May 11, 2020, 1:08 PM

Mr. President, the covid-19 is still in existence and doing more harm than good in the world at large.

It is very important that we continue to be very careful and take the required preventive measures of covid-19 set aside by the WHO.

RFI reported on Friday that WHO urges Africans to take necessary measures to avoid transmission of the pandemic by always applying the rules, if not 180,000 people could lose their lives and it can prolong. North Africa and central Africa should be more careful and always practice social distancing.

Mr. President, the overcrowding in the markets is a concern and we are calling on the health authorities and municipal police to intervene and control the crowds in the markets especially Serekunda Market which is overcrowded.

The introduced market times don’t seem to be working; so your government needs to set up other strategies of reducing the overcrowding of these markets.

Mr. President, as 2021 is fast approaching; it is time to gauge the mood of Gambians towards your government. Gambians per wider public sentiments are not happy with the slow pace of the much desired system change.

Mr. President, we believe you have good and sincere intentions towards the consolidation of democracy and development in the country.

However, the current mood of Gambians is generally anger over non-performance of the government. Your development agenda seems to be regionally oriented and not focusing on the wider Gambia. And also, there is general confusion in the administrative system with frequent changes that are not producing the desired results in national development.

Mr. President, the problem of the governance system is that political considerations far outstrip proper system management for effective and efficient service delivery. In this regard, civil service reform would have usher in a more effective service delivery.

Mr. President, for us to move as a country under your leadership, distinction between a government and a party must be displayed. Most importantly, in this era government requires technocratic competence and experienced professionals in their own rights who can always give you advice and serve the nation accordingly.

The country is endowed with trained, seasoned, experienced and honest citizens who if recruited can make a difference in making Gambia great under your leadership. It is advisable that you surround yourself with those who are aufait with the machinery and functions of government than those who are clueless and operate on political sycophancy and bootlicking in government.

Mr. President as there is a political bureau under your watch, we believe that is the right venue for your politicians to work. This will enable the office of the President to engage in serious policy decisions for national development backed by sound administrative procedures for efficient and effective implementation of government programmes and projects with those who know what it takes to execute development policy. The need for you to look at the government as product of the people and for the people cannot be overemphasised. The need for you to realise and accept that real, educated and experienced team makes a country flourish, the better for the country. It is still not late to re-examine the public service and get rid of all sectors that have not performed in the overall interest of the nation.

 Finally Mr. President, encourage your advisers to advise you on the realities of what is happening in the country and not to hide the truth, and behave as if everything is working well and ok.

You have many advisers so advise them do their work without fear.

 Good day!