Conditions of Gambian women in Middle East!

May 13, 2022, 11:54 AM

The recent increase in the number of Gambians especially young women seeking work contracts in the Middle East countries is alarming.

However, most of these victims fall prey to their scammers, who are syndicates operating multi-million dollar networks.


These criminal syndicates promised their victims of better working conditions in the Middle East upon arrival. But on arrival what they saw on the ground was just appalling. Many of them are subjected to 'dehumanising' treatment by wealthy patrons, who hire them on contracts.


An audio has emerged in which about 21 Gambian young women somewhere in the Middle East have spoken about the degrading conditions they are currently undergoing.


They thus called on The Gambia government to help repatriate them as soonest.

Government should wage a war against this criminal syndicate, who lure our young girls into such conditions in the Middle East.


These young ladies are between the ages of 21 and 24 years. Looking at the age group of this latest audio, most of these girls are being subjected to dehumanising treatment against their will. The news is not only worrying, but leaves much to be desired.


These scammers are making fortunes out of their shoddy deals by subjecting our girls into degrading conditions.


Government should wage a war against this criminal syndicate. They are not only criminals, but they are creating a bad

image for the country.


However, parents also have a big role to play in ensuring that their daughters didn't fall prey to such deals. Parents have a big role to play in the proper upbringing of their children.


As a matter of fact, people, especially ladies, have to be very careful with most of the work contracts available for women in Middle East countries. They are just a name to lure our young girls into conditions against their will.


To our young women, don't let this criminal syndicate make fools of you. In this modern day, you should be smart enough to know what is a genuine venture from falsehood.

In as much as you want to assist your family, pursue a mission that you will be proud of. Your value and integrity matter most. Don't let scammers use your intelligence. Maintain your dignity at all costs.


Each one, teach one! 

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