Good Morning Mr. President: On TRRC & Gambians in Middle East

May 16, 2022, 10:33 AM

Mr. President, Gambians, AU, ECOWAS, EU and UN are waiting anxiously for the Government White Paper on TRRC which is set to be released on the 25th May 2022.

The feedback received by this medium is encouraging after the two days Cabinet meeting and kudos to your government for endorsing the TRRC's recommendations to be implemented soon.

The deadline for the release of the White Paper is May 25th 2022 according to the constitution .

Mr. President, your predecessor Yahya Jammeh after 22 years of his infamous reign, allegedly killed about 250 Gambians and non Gambians, according to the TRRC.

TRRC started on the 7th January 2019 and presented its reports of findings 25th November 2021.

There were 427 findings and 218 recommendations and 393 witnesses testified about the unlawful killings, unlawful detention, enforced disappearances, sexual and gender based violation, from 1994 to 2017.

Mr. President, all those who have adversely mentioned must be prosecuted without mercy. They should all be prosecuted in earnest.

For ex-president Jammeh, it is advisable to try him in a neutral ground like Ghana or Hague for security reasons.

Your government should secure technical assistance from Commonwealth judges and prosecutors to prosecute those found wanting in the report.

Individuals banned from public offices should also be relieved from all government engagements by the end of month.

Mr. President, Your government should sell without delay the remaining properties of ex-president Jammeh to compensate more victims who are still waiting for the disbursement of 150 million Dalasis as promised by the government.

They need it very urgently to settle their bills, rents, education and medical bills.

Finally, Mr. President, your government should respond quickly to the cry of Gambians who went to the Middle East in search of greener pastures and are going through very inhumane conditions there.

According to videos watched by the public they have been severely maltreated.

Your government should establish a task force with the Labour Department, Immigration and other sister agencies, Ministries of Justice, Interior and Foreign Affairs to have contracts signed by any agency or individuals who wants to take Gambians to the Middle East for employment. 

This is not a new phenomena as many agents in the Middle East usually fail to honour their words and use women and treat them as slaves working round the clock or even beat them.

Good Day!