Good Morning Mr. President: Foreign exchange scarcity and transportation

Jul 25, 2022, 10:36 AM

Mr. President, traders of rice and sugar are unable to buy any forex exchange because of non-availability and we understand the authority has been contacted to intervene but nothing has been done.

Shortage of essential commodities may hit the country if the current forex arrangement is not reversed. Importers have put aside lots of dalasis and cannot be converted to dollars to pay their suppliers.  

The Central Bank should act urgently or the market will be affected. The economic crisis which is hitting the whole world including The Gambia which has a small economy. We should have a mechanism to sustain the problem of the importers. We have to keep in mind that The Gambia's economy is based on the importation of goods. If importers cannot find forex to pay, they will stop importing and this is not sustainable for the economy. This is a very dangerous situation that requires the intervention of all the necessary stakeholders as soon as possible!

Mr. President, the position of  Minister of Trade, Industry, Regional integration and Employment which has been vacant since May 4th 2022 should be filled.

There are many qualified Gambians both male and female who can run this important ministry which is one of the strongest pillars of the cabinet.

The business community who are playing a key role in the economy needs a minister as well as workers. Please don’t waste time to fill the gap.

Mr. President, we commend your government and Qgroup for responding to the cry of the public by providing 38 new vehicles to boost the urban transportation. 

These vehicles are worth over 2.7 million US dollars as pre-financed by Qgroup Foundation to ease public transport within the urban areas which Gambia Transport Service Company will be managing and should extend their services in the subregion. 

Gambians who have financial resources should emulate Muhamed Jah, boss of Qgroup in participating in national development and fill the gaps where it is necessary.

The government cannot do everything because of our fragile economy.

Finally Mr. President, the Ministry of Works together with the Roads Authority should identify main feeder roads and rehabilitate them to ease traffic congestion to give long life to the new buses.

Bus conductors should look after the cleanliness of the buses, limit the passengers and make sure they do not delay business. Commuters should also try to have change when entering the buses and not giving 100 dalasis for just 10 dalasis fare and wasting other passengers' time.

Bus stops should be identified for passengers to know pickups and stop points of the buses for ease of work.

The police should continue to work tirelessly especially during working days to control the traffic jams which affect the populace in several ways.


Good day!

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