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Youth participation in national dev’t agenda is indeed unique - Fatou Mas Jobe

Dec 9, 2015, 10:52 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

Fatou Mass Jobe has said the role and participation of young people in the national development agenda is unique.

She made this remark while deliveringa remark at the official opening ceremony of the 17th Annual Youth gathering of the Banjul Red cross on behalf of the first lady of the Gambia Zainab Yayha Jammeh at the Gambia high school hall last Saturday. The 17th Annual youth gathering of the Banjul Red cross was sorely sponsored by the first lady of the Gambia.

According to her by virtue of their role it is the young people of this country that hold the key to the future of themselves and the country.

She said in so doing, the young people should always be aware of their responsibilities especially in strengthening the flow of information to their communities through sensitization and dissemination of useful facts on issues like reproductive health, the environment and peaceful co-existence which of course are all embodied in the Banjul Red Cross Mission and vision.

She also indicates that the role of the young people in achieving food self-sufficiency is paramount. She then encourage them to create their farms, gardens, and also take up the challenge of exploiting our rivers, creeks and ocean to help bring more affordable food to Gambians.

She added that above all, young people should learn new techniques of farming and food production and help to replicate them in our communities.

She went on to say the aims and objectives of foundation of the first lady are in complete sync with lofty ideals of the Red Cross named above.OSCF seeks to uplift humanity for the better through better the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society, those are children and women.

According to her the activities of the foundation are also voluntary as it is not for profit body which extends its generous hands to the needy in Gambian society.

Above all, she said the foundation has neutrality as we do not discriminate our beneficiaries; we serve all deserving people irrespective of religions, caste or creed.

Regarding the 17th edition of the Red Cross Banjul Branch youth gathering which is “The power of humanity, our principle”. She said the aim of the gathering is to discuss issues concerning young people and to find solutions to them and to seek the roles and responsibilities of the youth in the national development agenda.She said this theme is indeed very appropriate and timely simply because according to reliable figures the population of the Gambia is mainly young with more than half about (63.55%) is below 25years. This means that young people are the true resources of this country, and their roles and responsibilities are indeed worthy of examining if you are to take up the challenge of national development with the Vigour and panache that our president jammeh calls for always in his exhortations to the youth for action towards national development.

In attendance at the official ceremony were standard Chartered Bank who presented a paper on HIV/AIDS, highlighting its causes, prevention method, mode of transmission, and indicated to figures of number of people dies as a result of this menace.