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Youth organisations

Apr 29, 2010, 1:14 PM

There exist so many youth organisations in the country, be it at local level or national youth organisations or even international.

However, the type of youth organisations that we look forward to seeing here is groups that are focused, realistic and determined to succeed.

Yes, we do have a good number here, although a few of them are just organisations by name. Such groups indeed lack a sense of purpose and direction, and as a result would hardly succeed.

Realistic youth groups do have their activities well-planned and coordinated in order to serve its purpose.

We challenge all our youth groups in the country to first of all register with the National Youth Council (NYC), a body set up by the government to coordinate and spearhead all youth programmes in the country.

In the same vein, there is also need to give enough support to the council to enable them deliver effectively.

Of course, to have credible youth groups, government should keep them on their toes, and help them whenever the need arises.

In credible youth organisations, workers do share values, norms and expectations that guide their members in terms of how to approach their work and deal with each other and their partners. Crooked ones on the other hand are just like 'briefcase NGOs' where one family controls everything.

In such situation, how do you expect to convince donors to support you when the treasurer, secretary and President are from one family?

What about other members of the club? Why can't you give them the chance to lead for the purpose of transparency and accountability?

Youth organisations are very important, and therefore needs to be very much proactive.

We hope that the visit by the Youth and Sports Minister would avail him and delegation the opportunity to have first hand information about our youth organisations.

At the end of the tour, he should be able to know the challenges, constraints and weaknesses of our youth organisations.