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Saamasang Federation celebrates Sponsorship Awareness Day

Apr 29, 2010, 1:34 PM | Article By: Yai Dibba-Jallow

Saamasang Federation, a Child Fund affiliated organisation, recently celebrated Sponsorship Awareness Day in Manduarr village.

Fabakary Fadera, the federation accountant who deputised for the manager said the importance of the event cannot be over-emphasised. He stated that it is geared towards accessing the progress and weakness in the sponsorships. 

Fadera informed the gathering that similar events were being held at Bafuloto, Kabafita and Jamisa Community Associations, respectively, which he added, helps people to know what dimension they should take in the promotion of sponsorship.  

"Cancellation rate is the main factor of this great event as Child-Fund cannot make any progress without sponsorship," He said.

"I therefore urge all parents to be committed and work in partnership with the federation."

Baba Bojang Sponsorship Relation Manager for Kombo Central and East described the event as a day when they discuss issues affecting the sponsorship, noting that the power house is the people who are within the sponsorship areas.

Bojang told the audience that if sponsorship is weak, there would be more risk of cancellation, which he said, may lead to the collapse of the project.

"Cancellation, which is number one enemy needs to be addressed with immediate effect," he noted.

Amadou Tambedou Youth and Child Officer tasked the community members to be focused as they have a great role to play in the sustainability and promotion of a healthy partnership. He stated that parents have an important role to participate in the realisation of this dream.

The Saamasang Child and Youth boss tasked the local residents to take a lead in maintaining the sponsorship, saying that the most important factor is letter writing, which is lacking in all the community associations.

Other speakers included Kebba Bojang, who deputised for the Alkalo of Manduarr Yahya Bojang, Alieu Mendy Programme Development Officer Darsilami Community Association, Albino Gomez, the area Community Association's prexy, who lauded Saamasang for the initiative, and promised to work in partnership with their donors.

In attendance were representatives from other community associations, as well as residents of the area.

Sunkary Badjie Sponsorship Relation Manager at the federation chaired the ceremony