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Youth Forum: Gunjur youth Ismaila Darboe excelling in Welding, fabrication

Nov 26, 2019, 11:18 AM

Ismaila Darboe is excelling in welding and fabrication in Kombo South coastal town of Gunjur.

A graduate of Gambia Technical Training Institute –GTTI- where he studied welding and fabrication after finishing his senior secondary school, Darboe now opens a workshop in Gunjur where he weld metal doors, windows and compound gates.

He said he survives through welding and fabrication, saying it also improves his living condition since finishing Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI).

Darboe told the Youth Forum that he is also training young people in Gunjur and its satellite areas on welding and fabrication to ensure transfer of his skill to better their lives.

He revealed that some of his trainees have acquired some skills in welding and fabrication.

Darboe appealed to his fellow youth to engage into welding and fabrication to better their lives.

He called on government to build more skills centres in the country to equip youth with skills in welding and fabrication to generate income for them.

‘‘I think government should start building more skills centres in the country where youth can learn welding and fabrication to create employment for themselves’’, he said.

‘‘If youth lack skills in technical works it would very difficult for them to survive and will engage into social vibes’’, Darboe.

He stated that if government set up skills centres in the country youth would secure skills to create employment opportunity for themselves.

He challenged his fellow youth to learn skills to create employment for themselves to earn their living to also avoid engaging into criminal activities.

‘‘Youth need to learn skills to create employment opportunities for themselves than engaging into social vibes,’’ he pointed out.