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Youth and Farming

May 29, 2008, 4:59 AM | Article By: By Famara Jawneh

In today's Youth Forum we are looking at a very critical subject that is youth and farming. As we approach the rainy season Youth Forum takes this unique opportunity to reiterate the call of the president for people, especially youths to go back to the land.

I firmly believe that if the country is to attain food self sufficiency the youth of the country must go back to the land. One may ask why I am emphasising on the youths, simply because as youths we are strong, able, energetic and able to work hard on farms for a better productivity.

It's sad to note that one reason why the country 's agricultural production is reducing drastically for the past few years is because most of the able men and women have turned their backs on farming. They prefer staying in the urban areas or vow to travel to Europe through illegal migration in many cases. Some youths have seen farming as a hopeless profession, forgetting that farming is a wealthy profession. This reminds me of the president Alhagi Yahya Jammeh who despite being a president goes back to the land what then is the youth waiting for?

Apart from the wealth in farming we all know that it creates food, employment among others for people.

I implore all the young people of this country to take farming seriously and youth groups to also partake in agriculture.

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