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Young Gambian seeks support

Apr 15, 2010, 2:57 PM

Samba Janha, a resident of Churchill's Town is looking for support to further his education in the field of welding.

Speaking to this reporter at Point office yesterday, Samba said he took the courage to learn the profession.

According to Samba, he went to the Gambia Technical Training Institute to enroll for the course, but found out that the type of welding he did was not available at the institute.

Janha said that he later went to Senegal to further his education in the field of welding. He added that he was tested in welding at a school in Senegal, where he did remarkably well in the trial.

He stated that at the end of the training, he was not financially strong to pay for the duration of the training.

Janha is appealing to the government, NGOs, and philanthropists to come to his aid.

Janha can be reached on the following numbers: 7128727 or 9930361.