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World's Biggest Lesson Just One Day Away!

Apr 21, 2008, 6:42 AM

On the 23rd April 2008 the Global Campaign for Education is attempting to break the world record, for the second time, for the World's Biggest Lesson and The Gambia is being asked to play a leading role.

In The Gambia, the World's Biggest Lesson is being taught in schools, municipal and area councils and Gambia College on the day after tomorrow, the 23rd of April.

The national highlight event will be taking place in the Fonni Kansala area of Western Region on the 23rd April at Fatima Senior Secondary School in Bwiam.  Leading politicians are being invited back to school for a lesson taught by a student. The lesson will be about the right to education, and what still needs to be done to make education available to all.

Lending their support and entertaining the audience in Bwiam will be the famous Gambian musician Jaliba Kuyateh and his band, together with cultural troupes from Western Region.

Whilst this is happening similar events are taking place across Gambia's other 5 regions with many schools holding the World's Biggest Lesson and EFANET regional chapters holding their own celebrations.

Shakira, Honorary Chair of Global Campaign for Education's Action Week 2008, said,

"Unfortunately today 72 million young children will not have even the chance to go to school. Where I come from alone, Colombia, in South America, 3 million young people under 18 years of age do not go to school and many more drop out without knowing how to read or write. It is especially hard for girls, children with a disability, children affected by conflict, orphans and poor children who have to do a job instead of going to school.  This is not right. It is not just. Together we can say to our leaders during Global Action Week that no one should be excluded from a quality basic education - and the chance to reach their potential. We can start by taking part in the World's Biggest Lesson during this year's Action Week. We need to teach our leaders the reality of all those millions of children out of school."

The activities for the Global Week of Action on Education 2008 are being organised in The Gambia by members of EFANET (Education for All Campaign Network The Gambia).  The organising committee has support from a wide range of organisations, including government departments, international NGOs and civil society groups.