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World Teachers’ Day

Oct 5, 2012, 11:08 AM

Today 5th October 2012 is being observed as World Teachers’ Day globally.

This is a day which, since 1994, has been commemorated all over the world to, among others, recognize the good efforts of teachers.

World Teachers’ Day is the special occasion for celebrating the vital contribution and responsibilities of teachers in offering education to boys and girls, men and women at all stages.

Thus, the international community recognizes that showing appreciation for the good work of teachers is an essential yearly action.

As we mark this day, we wish to congratulate all teachers in The Gambia for their invaluable contribution to the development of the country.

We use the opportunity to call on the government to do more for our teachers, especially those serving in remote areas of the country.

We are aware that there are special allowances or pay packages, and efforts being made to provide adequate housing facilities for teachers, especially in remote rural areas.

We therefore salute the ministries of Education for their efforts.

We encourage the government to keep up the drive to address the many challenges facing our teachers, which we believe should be carefully looked into in order to resolve them.

World Teachers’ Day was inaugurated in the year 1994 in keeping with UNESCO/ILO recommendations concerned with the status of the teachers, on October 5th, 1966.

We call on all and sundry to appreciate the efforts of teachers, the crucial contribution which teachers make to national development through education.

Once more, on this occasion of World Teachers’ Day, we thank our teachers for giving us the invaluable guidance and education, which has made us good and productive citizens