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World leaders commend Gambia’s election

Dec 7, 2016, 12:12 PM

Presidents and other high profile politicians from different parts of the world have sent in their reactions on the just concluded presidential election of The Gambia.

The Gambia, a small country as many described it, on the 1st December took to the polls to redesign the faith of the country in a peaceful, calm and transparent elections.  This left world leaders and the world at large with a strong message: in peace, every situation can be handled.

In a statement, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, commended the people of The Gambia for executing the election in a peaceful and calm manner.

“This represents a new dawn for The Gambia and it is a significant day for democracy in Africa,” he said while congratulating the outgoing president for accepting defeat.

“Britain has an enduring relationship with The Gambia and we stand ready to assist the work of the new president and his government,” he added.

The U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry, said the result of the election herald the beginning of “new era in The Gambia”.

“I commended the willingness of the outgoing president in respecting the result of the elections but also grateful to the Electoral Commission for its transparent handling of the elections,” he said.

“We call for unity and calm during this transition period and urge the Gambia government to respect the rights of citizens to freely assemble and express their views on the election results.”

The UK foreign secretary said he looks forward to working with the new government to promote democracy and governances.

The chairperson of ECOWAS, in a press release, thanked the outgoing president, Yahya Jammeh, for his display of maturity by accepting the result of the election.

The acceptance of defeat by the outgoing Gambian leader is described as good news for African democracy.

President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf also praised the people of The Gambia for conducting a peaceful election, which made ways for new political direction.

She said the outgoing president, Jammeh, will be remembered by the ECOWAS region as he once again showed patriotisms in accepting the election results.

President Buhari of Nigeria also made similar comments regarding the election.  He said such an uncommon gesture was crucial in calming the fear of unrest in the West African region, and said he looks forward to the smooth transition of power.