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Workers stand for genuine cause!

May 3, 2013, 10:01 AM

Gambian workers under the auspices of the workers confederation have called for a 120 percent salary increase for workers across the board to commensurate with economic realities of the country.

To us, this is a genuine call that needs to be considered by the government and all employers. May Day as popularly known is not only meant for making funs, but to take stock of the plight of the workers.

This recommendation by the Gambia National Trade Union Congress come amidst price hike in food and non-food items and transport fares in some parts of the country, which has undoubtedly made living extremely difficult for the average Gambian, especially those who have no other source of income apart from their monthly salaries.

Based on this reality, the trade union leaders are right when they ask for salary increase, as the cost of living in The Gambia is increasing unabated.

As the prices of basic commodities increased without a corresponding increase in the income of workers, there is an urgent need to look at the plight of the consumers, whose income has been stagnant all these years.

The government must put in mechanisms to ensure that all workers enjoy the fruits of their labour, in accordance with the Labour Laws of the country.

We, therefore, call on the government to seriously and genuinely consider the recommendations presented by the workers at the 2013 May Day celebrations.