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Women Empowerment

Nov 18, 2009, 1:58 PM

The 8th African Regional Conference on Women (Beijing + 15), which is currently underway in Banjul is taking stock of progress achieved in Africa since the Beijing Summit on Women fifteen years ago.

The meeting is also looking at the challenges for the implementation of critical areas of concern.

It's clear that our country The Gambia has gone very far in terms of women empowerment, compared to other African nations.

The country has a women Vice-President for many years; we have several women Ministers, Speaker of the National Assembly, Permanent Secretaries, female judges, just to name but a few. At the grassroots level we also have women Alkalolu.

However, we firmly believe that there is more room for improvement in the area of women empowerment, not only about responsibilities but also addressing issues affecting them.

We must help women address issues affecting their well-being.

Poverty is on the rise and women are feeling the pinch, therefore it is important to reduce the level of poverty.

At the continental level, we implore other African countries to emulate The Gambia in her strive to empower women.

Education of women is another issue worth mentioning. We need to give a girl child an equal opportunity to have access to quality education at the highest level.

African women are hardworking and committed, yet they are deprived of their rights in most countries.

A good number of them are suffering so they need serious commitment from African leaders.

When nations commit themselves to empower women they must live up to expectations by doing more for this great segment of society.

Economic empowerment of women can surely get them out of abject poverty. Women deserve equal opportunity and treatment likewise men.