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Women at the Pre-Ramadan Sunday Market

Jun 26, 2014, 9:50 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

Hello and a warm welcome to She-She-She, your weekly column that deals with issues affecting women and girls within the country and beyond.

Our today’s edition will bring you prominent women in the business sector, who also took part in the just-concluded Pre-Ramadan Sunday Market organized by GCCI and GIEPA and held at the Cooperative area near Westfield Junction.

First, you will all agree that the popular Serrekunda Market is dominated by women. Unlike men, women don’t sit and wait for office jobs, rather they believe in self employment.

We have so many women selling at the various markets across the country. We have women who are into gardening, and after tilling the soil for months and reaping whatever the soil offers them, the first thing that comes to their mind, after putting aside what they will eat with their family, is the market to sell the produce.

There are other women in textiles, women selling kitchen utensils, fish and a lot of other foodstuff in our markets.

However, if you ask them, they all have one big headache - a market to sell their produce.

Well, if you were fortunate enough to pass by last week-end’s first Pre-Ramadan Sunday Market, you would have noticed that women dominated the place, because they came out in full force with their goods to sell them at reasonable prices.

Talking to SHE-SHE-SHE column, Fatou Njie-Kahpulojerri Creations, a seller at the Sunday Market, said their goods are cheap.

They have textile materials for the Koriteh and are calling on all to come and buy. They are also involved in tailoring, and have items for the tourists market as well.

The businesswoman added that they have very nice bags that they made out of our own African fabrics, for sale at reasonable prices.

With the permission of the authorities involved, she said they would like to have such a market day every Sunday, just the way they do in Europe and other places.

Fatoumatta Sanyang of Badara Couture said she sews and sells fashion outfits for both boys and girls.

They are doing everything for their fellow women and girls, and they are doing this because they are passionate about it, and do not regret being in business.

They want to continue in the business, and are urging everybody to come and join them.

Amie Bah, a shoe seller, said she has very beautiful shoes for women and girls at reasonable prices, and was urging everyone to come and buy.

Fatima Jallow, a soap seller, said she has jalfa alovera soap for the body and hair, adding that the soap removes rashes and skin diseases; also a hair cream which removes dandruff, and makes the hair look nice and natural.

The Sunday Market was not meant for a particular section of women or women based on a particular business sector.

Women who are into gardening also can come forward with their produce and sell them to the public.

The fish-mongers are not forgotten, as fish is an important ingredient in the preparation of the daily food for the family.

Fashion wear was not the only item displayed at the first Sunday Market, held on 22 June.

As stated earlier, there were women selling kitchen utensils as well. We all know that the first thing handed over to a newly-wed woman, when going to her husband’s house is kitchen-ware.

As we approach the Ramadan, there will be high demand for such household utensils, and the business women at the Sunday Market were sellingthem at reasonable prices just to help make the forthcoming Ramadan easy for their fellow women.

Education is very important, and it cannot go without books and pens. Well. there were women at the Sunday market selling books at a reasonable price.

After Fasting for 29 or 30 days, we all prepare for the great feast, Koriteh.

The women at the Sunday Market brought tie and dye, and batik materials of the highest quality, all for sale at reasonable prices.

“Ganyela”, “Gesna” among others, all glittering in different colours, were available to make your Koriteh one to remember forever.

Women and bags are inseparable companions; that was why the women at the Sunday market also brought hand bags made out of our own beautiful African fabrics, in different colours, to suit your taste - all at reasonable prices.

They also had beautiful high heel shoes of all kinds to choose from.

We must mention accessories for men, such as beautiful “Kaftans” perfectly sewn in different colours, for men to put on during the feast of Koriteh.

The women at the Sunday Market are calling on everyone for their support. They want all of us to come and patronize them – to shop until we drop - for the holy month of Ramadan at the Sunday Market.

They want the GCCI, GIEPA and the local authorities to continue the Sunday Market and hold it every Sunday during the Ramadan.

She-She-She supports their call, and takes this opportunity to wish our readers and everyone a happy and blessed Ramadan.