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Women and Makeup

Mar 6, 2009, 4:14 AM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

Welcome to another edition of She -She- She. Today I bring to you makeup. For the simple fact that makeup is always around and about, but most of us don't know how to go about it. If you think that every time you apply makeup it looks smudge on you, makeup is not just you or better still, yours is the worst makeup you have ever seen. Don't worry, because she- she- she has brought you some tips on makeup. There are other women who are so obsessed about makeup and cosmetics that they couldn't do without them. And there are others who just think that makeup and cosmetics don't suit them the least bit.

Research has shown that makeup enhances one's beauty in inexplicable ways.

If you are having small eyes don't you worry your pretty head, several try-outs have shown that black eye-liners and mascara give small eyes that flirty look and an effect which makes the onlooker think that the eye is bigger than it actually is. So that's a hint!

Women with small or medium eyes shouldn't go in for big false eye-lashes. When the wrong pair of eye- lashes are chosen, upon closer inspection, one may quickly know that they are false. But when the right pair is used, it will have one wondering if they are real or false. We must always keep in mind that simplicity is where true beauty lies. Try to buy things that go with your colouring,

1.         If your clothes are just simple and not that colourful, apply moderate makeup and wear jewelries. This will make your face to be the centre of attraction.

2.         The same goes to very attractive and colourful clothes. Apply little makeup to match with them and don't forget that high-heels give that flattering look to your legs, and above all gives you that regal look.

3.         Avoid over-dressing!

These three hints are highly applicable to skinny, medium and thick madames.

Foundation That Fits

Facial foundation is applied to the entire face, used on a daily basis, and in a period of time. For this reason, facial foundation plays an important role in skin treatment, but it is also the facial cosmetic most likely to be problematic. Many women avoid foundation because they are scared of an unnatural effect. In fact, the right product for you is simpler than you think. There are two keys to success; the first is to pick the right formulation, and the second is to choose the perfect shade for your skin.

Find Your Formulations

Four basic facial foundation formulations are available; oil based, water-based, oil free or anhydrous forms. Oil-based products are designed for dry skin, while water- based products can be adapted for all skin types.

Oil-free formulations are used in oily skin foundations, while anhydrous forms are extremely long wearing used for camouflage or theatrical purposes. Choose one to get the best coverage for your particular skin type.

Makeup for Women of Colour

Sick of wasting money on the foundations, concealers and powders that just don't work with your skin? Its not always easy to find makeup that complements ethnic or exotic skin tones especially since the majority of the cosmetics industry produces makeup geared towards pink and orange undertones. Stop wasting time and money and find products that really work for you! This guide is an exploration of the brand and some of their lines that do the best job of the matching yellow and brown undertones.

First thing first:

You have probably gone through this before; you match a shade to your skin in a shop and once you get home to try it on, it looks either ashy, too pink or simply the wrong shade. What gives? Follow these sure-fire tips to make sure you don't get the wrong foundation.

Go to a department store or makeup store and have one of the saleswomen give you some help choosing a shade. They are often quite informed about the brand's variety of shades and can usually choose a colour that matches your skin well. Or better yet, bring along a friend. Your friends won't pressure you into buying anything.

Try swiping on the foundation that you choose from apple of the cheek to the jaw line. Right next to that stripe, also apply foundation one shade higher and one shade lower. Yes, it will look silly, but it's worth it to find the right colour.

Make sure you have a small compact or mirror with you and head outside to see how the makeup looks in natural light. This will give you a better idea of whether you have pink, blue, yellow or brown undertones.

The correct shade will be the one that seems to disappear into your skin. Also keep in mind that if you wear powder over the foundation you might need to retest a second time. The players: foundation

What you are looking for is to find a brand that suits your budget and the right products from that brand to get the right effect on your skin. Look for oil-free foundations that provide medium to maximum coverage. If they have an SPF in them, all the better. Make sure if you have darker skin that you avoid any products that contain titanium dioxide as this ingredient can often make your skin look washing out and ashy.