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Adding value to our mangoes

Jan 31, 2013, 10:41 AM

Mangoes are produced in large quantities in many parts of The Gambia, but a greater number of its producers also experience a great deal of post harvest losses.

The recent inauguration of a new mango processing facility, by the Methodist Mission Agricultural Programme (MMAP) in Brikama Nyambai would no doubt add value to the country’s mangoes.

The project, funded through the support of the Japanese government would help address the post-harvest losses being experienced by our mango producers.

Apart from the need to reduce the post-harvest losses of locally grown fruits, it is also meant to increase the income that small holder farmers generate from the fruit of their labour.

The issue of post-harvest losses have been recognised as a major challenge in the development of the horticulture sub-sector. This will no doubt go a long way towards addressing poverty.

We would therefore like to commend the Methodist Mission and the Japanese government for the project, as such initiative would provide food preservation for women and youth.

Mango is a product that’s largely wasted, due to lack of techniques in preserving it. And as such, the availability of these facilities in the country would generate more income from this juicy fruit.

To this end, we encourage people in the private sector to also consider venturing into food-processing and preservation.

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