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Woman Found Beheaded

Nov 2, 2009, 1:26 PM

A woman was on Thursday beheaded in the village of Jambur in Kombo South, Western Region, this paper can reveal.

An investigation mounted by our indefatigable reporters Abba Gibba and Abdoulie Nyockeh in Jamburr, has revealed that Adama Jatta, who is said to be in her 50s was reportedly beheaded on her way from her rice field, about a kilometer at the outskirt of the village in an area called "Sukoto," plunging the neighbourhood into grief and despair.

The supposed attacker, said to be one Sulayman Ceesay, who is believed to be a Guinea-Bissau national, is currently being arrested and helping the police with their investigation.

Piecing together accounts from family members, colleagues and neighbours, it appears that the man had been based in the area for sometime. Others theory suggests that he used to beg from one house to the other.

According to one Demba Ceesay, a neigbour and a family friend, it was around 8pm when it was discovered that Adama had not returned home from the rice fields, prompting them to search for her whereabouts.

He said it was not until 10pm when her body was found without the head, while some parts of her hands were cut off and roasted.

He said the head was not found until in the morning when it was discovered buried in the bushes.

He revealed that at the scene, was a trouser and a blue Khaftan, a knife and a pair of scissors. He added that while at the scene they heard shouts of "he is here, he is here," but the guy managed to get away.

According to him, early in the morning the villagers returned to the area to search for the culprit, and after frantic efforts Sulayman Ceesay was apprehended around Banyaka, some 5 kilometres way from the scene.

Seedy Ndow and Adama Marong, both neighbours corroborated to this narration.

According to one Mariama Bojang, aged 30, who also has a rice field at the same place with Adama Jatta, she was chased by a man she described as a middle aged man in a blue Khaftan in the same area last Monday.

Other reports also state that a young boy in the name of Sarjo Bojang was on the same day chased by a man believed to be the suspect, Sulayman Ceesay, in the same area.

Dembo Bojang, an elderly villager revealed that this is the second time a village woman was killed in the area, the first being in the 80s when one Sirreh Sanneh was killed between Banyaka and Tujereng, while Nyima Jaratou Bojang who was with her sustained serious injuries on her hands.

But he noted that this particular one is beyond imagination as, according to him, they have never seen it before.

"It was a sight of hell, if hell could be so terrible," he wonder.

He urged the concerned authorities to mount round-the-clock surveillance in and around the area to enable them do their work in the rice fields.

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