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Woman, 35, seeks support to undergo treatment abroad

Nov 16, 2016, 11:03 AM

Fatou Drammeh, a-35-year-old native of Kotu, is seeking support from individuals and institutions to undergo medical treatment abroad.

Fatou was involved in a car accident three years ago, 2013, where she sustained neck pain, back pain and severe pelvic pain after the car somersaulted multiple times.

Medical report from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), the country’s main referral hospital in Banjul, has it that the young woman has a left pubic bone fracture.

The report, issued in July 2016, stated that Fatou’s pubic bone (pelvic) fracture has healed, and she has been on regular outpatient visits to the EFSTH, complaining mainly of back pain and pelvic pain and has been on analgesics with physiotherapy recommended.

“The patient still complains of the back pain and pelvic pain, especially when standing for long, when seated, whilst bending or after walking long distances.  She also experiences pain in the right lower limb,” the report said.

“Currently, MRI facilities are not available at the EFSTH, and the patient requires further investigation for spinal injuries and further management.”

Based on medical recommendation and advice, Fatou is to go for treatment abroad where MRI facilities are available so that she can be thoroughly checked for spinal injuries and related issues.

Fatou and her family do not have the financial means to make the trip possible, so they are seeking support from individuals and institutions to embark on this life-saving medical treatment.

Anyone willing to support can reach Fatou or one of her family members on (+220) 733 2536 / 348 8989 / 798 4322 or contact The Point newspaper at thepoint13@yahoo.com.