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Witnesses testify in housebreaking and stealing case

Nov 21, 2014, 11:46 AM | Article By: Fatou Jallow

The third prosecution witness (PW3), Alhagie Jaiteh, Thursday testified in the trial of one Lamin Sanyang, accused of house-breaking and stealing, at the Bundung Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate M. Njie.

Jaiteh, in his testimony, said he lives in Bundung and recognized the accused person.

He recalled that on 11 November 2014, he was in bed when someone came inside the house. The thief came through the back window, which leads to the bedroom.

When he woke up around 6 a.m. and went inside the bedroom, he found the window opened and some of his belongings were displaced.

He called his brother and asked if he was the one who opened the window, and the brother said, “No”.

He opened the door of the sitting room and went to the back where the bedroom window was located, and saw some footprints.

He went back and told the brother that someone had broken into the house, and the brother started to search the room to confirm if anything was missing.

It was then they realized some items were missing, which included his brother’s bag containing his laptop, business cards and other files; his phone (HTC brand) was also missing, Jaiteh told the court.

They reported the matter to police at Bundung, and since the arrest of the suspect it was his brother who was with the CID to investigate the matter.

The fourth prosecution witness (PW4), Mustapha Gaye, also said he lives in Bursubi and is a tailor, adding that he did not recognize the accused but could recalled what happened sometime in the month of November.

He said his phone was having some problems and he needed a phone, adding that he went to one Modou Lamin who was selling an HTC phone.

Lamin told him to give him the phone he was having and D1,500 which he agreed to do, and the HTC phone was sold to him.

Gaye said CID officers later came to his shop, and said he was needed at the police station, where he was asked how he got the phone and he explained.

He was asked to bring the person who sold him the phone; and after that was told to go.

The case continues on 26 November 2014.