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Witness testifies in NDEA officers murder case

May 10, 2012, 1:15 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The alleged murder case involving two former NDEA officers continued yesterday at the Special Criminal Court in Banjul with the testimony of a prosecution witness.

Edrissa Jarju and Edrissa Jaiteh were alleged to have caused the death of one Alpha Omar Jallow, at Manjai Kunda.

Modouu Salieu Gassama, a prosecution witness, told the court that on 10 December 2010, while he was working with the deceased, the deceased said he was pressed and went behind the workshop.

“The deceased stayed for a long time. I later heard a bitter argument. I rushed to see what was happening and I found a crowd behind my workshop. I then saw the 1st, 2nd accused persons and another man whom I later discovered was also an NDEA officer,” the witness added.

He adduced that the accused persons identified themselves as NDEA officers, and they told the deceased that they wanted to conduct a search on him because they suspected him of being in possession of cannabis.

“I told the deceased to allow them to perform their job. The deceased then complied, and they searched the deceased but nothing was found on him,” he told the court.

He said the 2nd accused and another officer held the deceased by his trouser, adding that the 1st accused, Edrissa Jarju, then insisted that they must escort the deceased to his house, and search the house too.

The house of the deceased was thoroughly searched, but nothing was found, he continued, adding at that juncture, the 2nd accused held the deceased behind him by using his two hands under the armpit of the deceased while the 1st accused was holding a handcuff.

As a result, a struggle erupted and the deceased resist, and they were forcing him.

The witness added that the 2nd accused fell down with the deceased, and the 1st accused placed his knee on the chest of the deceased.

“I then told them that if you don’t mind you will kill this boy. They then told me we will teach him a lesson he will never forget; and he will explain to his grandsons,” the witness said.

“The other officer, who was not in court, told me to move away from there.

“As the 2nd accused lost grip of the deceased, he gave him a head butt on his forehead, and also knocked the head of the deceased with a wooden plank,” he went on.

The deceased was then arrested, and taken to the police station, he continued.

The case continues.