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Witch hunt survivor says human skull was dug from his compound

Dec 6, 2019, 2:23 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Ali Marr, a native of Kerr Jayne on Wednesday testified before the TRRC’s regional hearings in Essau. He disclosed that a human skull was found in his compound and handed to him, resulting in his illness.

Narrating the witch hunt exercise that gripped Essau, the witness recalled that it was on Sunday, 18 February, 2009, when witch hunters invaded his compound at lunch time, with Fulas dressed in red and some soldiers. He added that they found him with his close relatives: Colly Marr, Awa Marr and Isatou Marr.

“They told me that there was something in the compound that was not good for me. They dug a hole and removed a human skull from the ground and forcefully put it in my hands.”

Mr. Marr adduced that his hands were very heavy and he later realised that many people were following him to the bus; adding that he walked for half a kilometre before reaching the bus. He said the heaviness of the human skull resulted in his sickness.

“I was told that they were sent by our former president, Yahya Jammeh to hunt witches and wizards. They didn’t know anything about me and accused me of being a wizard. They were exercising their power.”

Marr adduced that he was taken alongside those he was with during lunch, leaving his sick donkey and son at home. “We found some people, about 60. The bus was full and we were taken to Baba Jobe’s compound in Kololi.”

He told the commission that he and his family were given concoction to drink, disclosing that caused him some problems because he vomited anything he ate, adding he got unconscious after drinking the concoction.

“I regained consciousness the following day and started recognising people. We were there for two days.”

Mr. Marr further disclosed to the commission that he later had a heart problem, with warm pots in his chest. He added his sick donkey and son both died while under detention in Kololi.

He said his elder brother Colly Marr also died as a result of drinking the concoction.

“I and my two sisters are both feeling sick, as a result of the witch hunters’ concoction,” he said.

He claimed that the accusation brought so many challenges to family, saying people used to run away from them and look low upon them as witches.

Marr, therefore stated that Jammeh was the cause of their illnesses because the witch hunters acted on his orders.