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Will Biko Stop Samger?

Jul 14, 2008, 8:49 AM | Article By: By Sainabou Kujabi

As Wallidan And Hawks Eye League Title

The Gambia Football Association 2007/08 domestic league has become another interesting season in the history of Gambian football as the three top teams are vying for the league tile this year. Wallidan, Samger and Hawks are all level on 36 points, but will Biko stop Samger? Pointsports when around to get the views of the first division coaches about this years league and their observations on Gambian football.

Speaking to Pointsports in an interview Hon Alhagie Sillah, Head Coach of Gamtel Football Club, said that Gambia has a better league than some African countries. He said, " this years league is a very competitive league." He said that in previous years the league was decided by goals like when Wallidan had +8 and Gamtel had + 7 that was why Wallidan were crowned champions.

He said, " this is showing that there is an improvement in some teams and the increase in the number of the teams to 12 has made the league very comparative. The only problem that affected the league were the fixtures during the first round where players had to play within 48 or 72 hours. This was a little bit too demanding for the players so players played below their initial capacity. The upcoming games are very interesting as both teams stand a chance to win the league. Samger have an easy opponent but don't try to write off Biko I have seen them come with a very young and talented team and it will not be an easy game for Samger as Biko will not just come and relax," he stated.

In his remarks, the Head Coach of Hawks FC, Sangdong, told Pointsports, " we are well prepared for the game against Wallidan. It is always a big game between the two teams when they meet even if it is not a game where the league will be decided. Come Sunday anybody that comes to the Independent Stadium will not be disappointed. If you watched our game against Biko at the Independence Stadium on Monday, it was not and easy game for us and the game shows that Biko are not a team that will come and lie down. They will come and fight up to the last minute of the game. Presently they have a very young team and they play good football. We are all suffering from our players not been available for these games and this is a problem that we the teams are facing. It is not a right it is a privilege for players to play for their national teams and it is also a privilege for teams to release there players to play for national teams. But, the players belong to their teams. You cannot hold any player more than 48 hours before the game and after the game. With due respect to the FA and the coaches let them understand that the players belong to teams and should be given the chance to play for their teams," he stated.

Alhagie Sarr, Head Coach of Sea View, said that this year's league shows that there are no underdog teams. He said, " the league is very tough now as we have to play up to the last matches where the title will be decided. I believe that all games are going to be very tough for both teams because Biko will come all out to play against Samger. The last games are not only involving Wallidan, Samger and Hawks but the teams that are fighting to avoid relegation GPA, Sea View, and Bakau United. All teams need to win their games to avoid relegation," he said.

Week 22 Fixtures

Sat 12/07/08Bakau Vs Africell/S/MattyS/k West

Sat12/07/08InteriorVsSea viewS/kEast

Sat12/07/08Gamtel Vs GPA

Sun13/07/08Armed Forces Vs Real S/kunda East

Sun13/07/08Steve Biko Vs SamgerS/kunda West


Gambia Coaches to Undergo Training inC& B License [if supportFields]>tc "Gambia Coaches to Undergo Training in  C& B License "<![endif][if supportFields]><![endif]

A handful of Gambian coaches will join their colleagues in the rest of the continent in taking part in a training program for coaches in both the C and B license grades.

The training is part of the Education and Football Development Department of CAF's drive to promote and develop football in Africa.

Elite football coaches will be trained in The Gambia on a date yet to be disclosed and depending on the outcome of a meeting to be held on Thursday July 17, 2008 at the offices of The Gambia Football Association.