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Wife testifies in ex-husband’s trial

May 28, 2014, 11:23 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

One Kaddy Sanneh recently testified in the trial involving one Saja Sanyang, her ex-husband, before the Brikama Magistrates’ Court, presided over by Principal Magistrate Dayo M. Small Dago

It could be recalled that the accused, Saja Sanyang, on 5 February 2014, at Brikama Nyanbai, willfully and unlawfully assaulted one Kaddy Sanneh, his ex-wife, by holding her neck and beating her, thereby causing her actual bodily harm.

In her testimony, Kaddy Sanneh told the court that the accused person was her ex-husband.

She said that on 5 February 2014, while she was in her house, the accused person came to tell her to leave the house and transfer to another house in the compound because he needed to repair the said house.

The accused repaired and also painted the two rooms where she the complainant was before, she added.

According to her, while she was in her ex-husband’s compound, the accused came with another wife and wanted to put her in the said house where she the complainant was before.

The accused removed all her chairs and put them outside, she said, adding that she asked the accused why he was taking her chairs outside.  It was then, she explained further, that the accused held her by the back of her neck and pressed it.

At that juncture, the magistrate invited both parties to his chamber to maintain the peace between them, for the fact that they have so many children, and after the meeting at the chamber, the case was struck out.