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Wife Dragged Husband To Court For Alleged Unfaithfulness

Sep 15, 2009, 5:42 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

A man was recently dragged by his wife to the Kombo East District tribunal for allegedly having an affair with a lady he claimed to be his sister in their matrimonial house.

Fatou Sedibeh told the Kombo East tribunal, chaired by Chief Alagie Basiru Jarjue that she caught her husband, Fafaye Ceesay, a resident of Pirang Village, "on the illegitimate act of having carnal knowledge of a woman she brought into their house on the pretext of being his sister".

She explained that her husband brought his girl friend under the pretext that she was there to receive treatment for a stomach complication. She told the tribunal that the supposed sister was first taken to her co-wife, where she could not stay long over allegation that the two are lovers, after which he decided to bring her to theirs.

She alleged that one fine day, luck ran out of their way when she caught them red-handed, doing it under the veranda. As a result, she said a scuffle ensued and the husband soon after retaliated by pronouncing a divorce, which she was not in agreement.

Under cross-examination, Mr. Ceesay denied having any sexual relationship with the lady as alleged. He told the tribunal that his reason for beating his wife was that she usually denies the said lady food.

After listening to both parties, Chief Alagie Basiru Jarjue stated that he was convinced that the complainant has said the truth.

"How can you keep a woman in your house with your wife, thus bringing problem into your marriage, up to the extent of leaving your legal wife for that woman," he said.

Chief Alagie Basiru Jarjue then issued a warrant to the effect that the lady in question be sent back to her place of origin at Jarra Bureng.