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Why Senegambia Beach Hotel is the best place of choice

Jun 8, 2012, 3:06 PM

Gambia’s tourism, one of the country’s vibrant economic sectors, is growing rapidly as more hotels and restaurants are being built in the country.

Among the crème de’ la crème of hotels on the land is the Senegambia Beach Hotel, which is located in the Tourism Development Area. 

It is the hotel that “never fails” in giving all the good things of life to its customers. It is currently showing no sign of let-up in providing entertainment in a bigger, better package to its teeming number of customers.

The luxury edifice is situated on the spoilt coast of the Altantic Ocean, an inlet of the majestic River Gambia, and surrounded on both sides by the sea.

This ideally located hotel is situated at one of The Gambia’s most favoured spots perfectly placed for people young-at-heart and offering excellent facilities of international standards with the provision of impeccable services by its well trained staff.

The hotel caters for high profiled conferences, seminars and all that customers need in an hotel setting. Where else than Senegambia Beach Hotel in the Smiling Coast of Africa?