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Why commit suicide?

Nov 14, 2013, 9:33 AM

We are once again compelled to talk on this topic of people committing suicide, asking why some people prefer to take their own life.

The latest report of a 25-year-old man of Busumbala village in the West Coast Region, Joseph Sarjo, who was found hanging in his bedroom in the early hours of Monday morning, is a case in point.

According to reports quoting family sources, the deceased was diagnosed with cerebral malaria, which affected his brain and eventually led him to commit suicide.

We are of the view that, even if someone is sick or aggrieved, it does not warrant him or her to commit suicide.

People should avoid committing suicide, despite the magnitude of any problem they may have, or the bad experience they may be going through.

It is true that certain situations are serious and difficult, but this should not warrant one to kill oneself.

Our argument is that as Muslims and Christians we should always have faith in God.

In the first place, committing suicide is not a solution to solving any problem, and is against the teachings of Islam and Christianity.

It is a big sin to commit suicide; in fact, no religion condones such an act.

People should not allow stressful situations or family problems to cause them to take their own life because, at the end of the day, whoever kills him/herself stands to lose all that they have lived for on earth, and will also face judgment in the hereafter.

In The Gambia, suicide has become not uncommon; it is, therefore, high time people started talking about this issue at public forums to discourage it in our society.

We would like to urge young people to always maintain dialogue with their parents to make them know their problems, and amicably find solutions to them.

People have to understand that life is more important than any problem they might have or face; so they have to always protect their life in the interest of their family and humanity.

‘’Crime expands according to our willingness to put up with it’’

Farber Barry