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Wetland Institute Seeks Collaboration with DPWM

Jan 20, 2009, 5:31 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Professor Roger Wood, director of research for the Wetlands Institute, over the weekend presented a document on Terrapin, Tires and Trap Conservation Biology to the Department of Park and Wildlife management to seek collaboration with the Wetland institute in USA.

The presentation, which was witnessed by experts from the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management, was held at the office in Abuko.

In an interview with The Point, Professor Roger Wood said that the purpose of the presentation was to enable the experts to have knowledge about Terrapins and see areas where the Wetland Institute can collaborate with Department of Parks and Wildlife Management (Gambia).

According to him, there has been very little research done into fresh water turtles and land turtles in most of Africa and there is an opportunity to get a small branch in The Gambia. He added that The Gambia is an exceptionally good place to develop a comprehensive research programme that will be able to expand to other parts of Sub-Sahara Africa. Professor Wood further disclosed that there are over 300 turtle species worldwide out of which Gambia has 10 different species which are not found in other countries. He added that an interest would be developing in The Gambia about the different kinds of fresh water and land turtles. He noted that long-term studies and capacity building could be done which will help to understand their ecology, behavioural change and their population. Professor Wood said that many things have been discussed including capacity building for the turtle's attendance.

For his part, the director of parks and wildlife management, Mr. Alpha .O. Jallow, assured Professor Roger Wood of his readiness to collaborate with wetlands and come to a MOU which will spelt out everything clearly and see areas where partnerships can be formed.