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Welcome to the hot seat

Nov 15, 2010, 1:24 PM

There is no doubt that the National Assembly has in recent times seen speakers come and go.

Not too long ago, it was Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay, then Elizabeth Renner, and now it is Abdoulie Bojang, who is the new Speaker.

Please Mr Bojang, accept our hearty congratulations on your election as the new Speaker of the National Assembly. We rejoice with you being on a familiar terrain since you have served as nominated member of the National Assembly for the past four years.

As a retired educationist, and a flexible and down-to-earth person, as described by many, it is our hope that Bojang will execute his duties without fear or favour and in the best interest of not only the house, but also Gambians, whom he is actually there to serve.

We would also advise Speaker-elect Bojang to listen to both sides of the house during Assembly sessions, as this will greatly help him in his work.

The National Assembly is the life of the country; this is the institution where laws are passed to determine the future of the country.

One of the issues we would like the new Speaker to address with the support of National Assembly members is the series of complaints by members themselves, during adjournment debates, for senior government officials to be attending regular sittings of the house.

This is undeniably an important and genuine issue, considering the fact that it is during those sessions that issues concerning their ministries are tabled and discussed.

Indeed, it is only by attending the sessions that senior government officials can know the problems being encountered by the people they serve.

The National Assembly members should also give maximum support to Speaker Bojang, irrespective of their party affiliation, in order for him to achieve the goal of the house and of the nation.

We wish Speaker Bojang every success in his efforts to get on with the task of nation building. And we are glad to know that his election was unanimous.